Sunday Program

A year-round program where we focus on:

  • A positive approach to games, life, and competition
  • Baseball skill development
  • Speed, agility, and balance training
  • Fun game play


Sunday Program Registration


Typical Sunday Practice

Each day will consist of 1 hour of skill development followed by 20 minutes of game-like activity and our life-skill training.


  • First 10 min - warm up and athleticism drills
  • 10 min- 30 min- defensive and throwing skills and drills
  • 30 min- 1 hour- hitting skills and drills
  • 1 hour- 1 hour 20 min- game
  • Final 10 min- mental skill of the day


Who Its For

Our focus is on the 6 to 13-year-old player who wants to improve baseball skills, play other sports, and grow as a person. This program focuses on player development and life skills.

This is very different than travel programs and tournament teams as positivity and life skill development is intertwined in everything we do. In addition, our program is complementary to other sports as we encourage young players to play multiple sports.



Individual Membership- Sunday Program


Family Membership- 2 Siblings

  • For those with multiple players in the program, the first player signed up will be at the standard rates above. There is a checkbox on the registration form that you will select to add additional family members. You will need to complete a registration form for each family member. The costs for each additional family member is as follows:



Shirt and hat (Optional)- $50