Our Purpose

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young athletes develop passion for sport, health, and fitness.


Our Mission

Inspire a lifetime of positive healthy habits and choices


Our Solution

Baseball training, games, and life skills. All part of the journey.



We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young athletes develop passion for sport, health, and fitness.

We offer “no-cut” baseball programs that focus on player development.

We encourage participation in multiple sports and playing with friends.

We utilize the latest technology to help young athletes accelerate their skill development.


Why Now Performance Baseball

While there are many things that drive us to do what we do, there are a few key issues that fuel our fire:

  • Youth sports are on the decline and social issues such as child obesity, depression, early drug and alcohol use and suicides are rising. We are concerned.

  • Youth sports has grown into a $7B industry. While the revenues continue to increase, the number of kids participating is decreasing. This suggests something is wrong.

  • Kids grow at different rates. We see too many kids dropping out of sports before their bodies have matured. Early developers can experience feeling awkward and uncoordinated. Late developers can feel inferior. With the increasing focus on winning and being selected for the best positions and all-star teams, kids who haven’t matured are feeling hopeless and quitting. We see the need for an increased focus on player development that includes proper balance between practice and play with focus on physical and mental training.

  • We believe the value of sports extends well beyond winning and losing games. We see sports as a great training ground for life. Sports encourage healthy living habits, how to thrive on teams, how to work hard for something you want and how to treat failure as just another opportunity to grow. We want to enable the opportunity for every kid to experience the full benefits of sports.

  • We worry that in today’s technology-filled environment children are finding the digital world to be more interactive and fun than the real physical world. We get it. In the digital world, a kid has the freedom to just play and interact with, no parental pressures or coaches choosing when and where they can play. The kid can get better at the games they play by just playing. The game developers have tapped into the motivation and psychology of kids in a big way. They have sophisticated incentives filled with levels of achievement, badges and currencies. They have integrated social networking and made it not only okay to fail, but fun. We see the need to bring many of the elements the digital world is offering into the physical world. We strive to make the physical world as dynamic and fun as the digital world.

Our Focus

Our initial focus is on baseball and softball. We are starting here because this is the sport the founders fell in love with at an early age and had the good fortune to play into their adult years.

We will offer training programs, camps and leagues with a focus on balance between mental and physical skill development and fun game play.

We are designing our programs to be complementary to other sports as we encourage young players to play multiple sports.


Our Team

Nik Edmondson, M.A.

Nik is the founder of Now Performance Baseball. Nik began his journey as a young player who one day was the best player on the field and the next didn’t look like he belonged. After two up-and-down junior college seasons he decided to see a sports psychologist, who changed his life. By benefiting from being a late bloomer and learning how to blend mindset, nutrition, and skills, Nik dramatically improved his performance on the field and received the Division 1 college scholarship he desired.

After playing one year in Division 1, Nik experienced a season ending knee injury while at the plate, just three days before the baseball draft. Although it was devastating at the time, Nik maintains that it was the best thing to ever happen to him because it allowed him to prepare for what would be his true calling in life. After obtaining his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology he continued to chase the dream of playing major league baseball by playing professional baseball in Europe.

Nik used the skills he learned on the field and in the classroom to write 4 books and work with some of the highest level athletes in sport. Nik brings personal and professional experience to the Now Performance Baseball philosophy of creating the well-rounded person. Nik’s focus is in inspiring young people through positivity and an environment of growth.

For more on Nik, and his work, please see:


Brian Sackinsky

Brian is a former Major League baseball player who knows what it takes to make it. He is also a father of 5 who knows how much pressure young people face today.

As a player at Stanford, Brian faced immense scrutiny. By learning to have fun, Brian made it to the highest level of baseball with the Baltimore Orioles. After a serious arm injury forced Brian to retire, Brian moved into a career with Nike and began raising a family. As Brian’s son has blossomed into a talented 12-year-old player Brian now sees firsthand what is missing in youth sports and the need for a program that puts its emphasis on development and fun.

Brian’s focus with Now Performance Baseball is on marketing, player development, and the parent education program.


Dave Gonsiorowski

Dave brings over 20 years of business and technology leadership to the team. Dave was the founder and CEO of WebRaiser Technologies, which he ran for 7 years and then sold to Flextronics (global 500 electronics manufacturer) in 2006. He now serves as the Vice President of Innovation, Design and Engineering Flextronics. Through his youth Dave played football, basketball, baseball and ski racing. He played college baseball at the Division 1 level and later served as a pitching coach for Sierra College. Dave attributes much of his success to his experiences growing up in athletics. He believes sports gave him the confidence to start his own company and to see failing as just another opportunity to learn and improve. He now manages people around the world and feels his experiences in sports gave him the skills to interact with people and lead teams.

Dave’s focus with Now Performance baseball is on organizational development and technology.


High School players coaching

We believe that we have a responsibility to coach the young player in the best manner. Young people listen and are motivated by other young people and that is why we use high school players as coaches to help facilitate our program. This provides mentorship opportunities and a sense of community for the program. This helps the high school players in the community by providing them jobs and teaching them how to teach and lead.



As a nonprofit program that believes in creating a program for the majority, we need help in all sorts of ways.

  • Getting the word out
  • Coordinating and running events
  • Fundraising for our scholarship program
  • Getting kids to practice, camps, and games

We need and want your help. We thrive with our volunteers working with us.